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SINCE 1956

Zamak and aluminum die casting

Mold Design and Production

Mechanical machining

Surface treatments


Professionalism and customer care for over 60 years

Fonderia Gussoni, thanks to the experience gained in over 60 years of activity, offers a complete service in order to best satisfy the customer's needs.

We support our customers from the early stages of the project by carrying out co-design activities or feasibility studies. 
We subsequently design and create the molding equipment and carry out mechanical processes using our work centers and surface finishing treatments such as, for example, chrome plating, painting, oxidation. 

Our mission is to offer our customers a single point of reference for the entire production cycle, ensuring a high quality standard.    


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Our mission is to provide a complete service!


Thanks to its experience, Fonderia Gussoni is able to personally take care of the design and construction of the molds by studying every possible solution aimed at best satisfying the technical requests of its customers.


We produce die-castings in Aluminum and Zamak, based on our Customers' specifications, intended for different sectors. 

Over the years we have gained great experience in casting components for the Oil & Gas, Professional Espresso Coffee Machines, Electrical Components for the Railway Sector, Lighting, Mechanical Components. 


We provide different types of surface finishing treatments to satisfy the requests of our customers.

The services offered include:

  • Chrome plating;

  • Galvanizing and Nickel Plating;

  • Anodization

  • Burnishing 

  • Powder and liquid painting

  • Raw metal finishes such as sandblasting, brightening, satin finishing


Thanks to our experience and our work centers we carry out several type of machining, from the simplest to the most complex, based on our customers' specifications. 

Dal 2004 abbiamo raggiunto gli standard dettati dalla certificazione UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 e operiamo nel rispetto delle procedure per il controllo della qualità, ottenendo standard qualitativi elevati. Personale qualificato segue tutte le fasi del processo al fine di ottenere prodotti rispondenti alle specifiche qualitative richieste.


High quality standards and certifications

Since 2004 we have achieved the standards foreseen by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification and we operate in compliance with quality control procedures, obtaining high quality standards.

Qualified personnel follows all phases of the process in order to obtain products that meet the required quality specifications.




To fully satisfy the needs of our customers, in addition to the Zamak and Aluminum alloys commonly used in die casting, we have introduced the use of alloys with better mechanical, anti-corrosion and food-grade properties into our production processes. 

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