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    Gussoni srl Foundry produces aluminium and zamak products for companies operating in different fields and sectors.

    Its wide range of machines includes die-casting machines (both hot and cold chamber) supporting from 40 to 600 tons, shear presses, sieving machines and sandblasters.

    Gussoni Foundry manages the quality of mould designing and production through reliable and certified suppliers. Moreover, it provides its products with both simple and highly precise mechanical features through the implementation of modern equipment and machinery.

    We thoroughly control finishing procedures (sieving, deburring , sandblasting, polishing, brushing, painting, plating, hard oxidation treatments, Teflon coatings) providing our customers with reliable products and the necessary quality certifications.

    Our highly specialized personnel makes always sure that our customers’ quality requirements are met respecting even the tightest deadlines.

    • - Aluminium alloys
    • - Zamak
    • - Special alloys for the food industry.