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    Technical information

    Our industrial foundry designs, produces and provides metal moulds and dies for different metal and alloy die casting.

    Die Casting is a very widespread industrial production process by which molten metal (non-ferrous) is forced into metal moulds (called dies) and then hardened under high pressure. The resulting hardened metal represents a half-finished product that can be modelled afterwards (e.g. sheared, sieved, sandblasted) in order to obtain a finished product. Gussoni Foundry has been working for over 50 years in metal production – in particular with aluminium, zamak and other light alloys. Thanks to Gussoni Foundry’s expertise, our company produces accurate products and high quality equipment and die casting moulds. Our company – based in Bareggio, Milan, Italy – has implemented the most modern, computerized machinery able to support from 40 to 600 tons. Aluminium and zamak are treated in our die casting machines which produce high quality half-finished products. Our company also manages all finishing procedures. Thanks to its modern shear presses, sieving machines and sandblasters Gussoni Foundry produces various kinds of metal components based on both projects on paper and real samples. In order to provide high quality services, Gussoni Foundry carries out careful quality controls during all production phases and at the end of them. 

    The mould production department of our foundry provides zamak dies for both big and small industrial applications..

    Among the different die casting services provided by Gussoni Foundry, there is a big demand for zamak die casting: zamak is the acronym for an alloy with a base metal of zinc and alloying elements of aluminium, magnesium and copper. Zinc is the main component while the percentage of aluminium and magnesium is lower. Zamak die casting is widespread because it is a pliable metal. As die casting is the process of forcing molten metal under high pressure into mould cavities, the metal implied in this process must be very fluid. Zamak die castings are suitable for the production of various items used in different industrial sectors, e.g. in the automobile industry and in taps, fittings and furniture production. Zamak is the proper material for the production of both big and small objects. In our headquarters in Bareggio, Milan, Italy, we have all technology, expertise and machinery to produce zamak die castings with hot chamber machines. Our technicians will show you our production processes and explain to you how we will make use of them for you. Our engineers and project managers are able to design customized dies meeting your personal requirements.

    We design moulds for the production – through die casting – of various metal objects for different industrial sectors.

    Our company provides mould designing services for the production of metal objects for different industries which implement die casting production. Gussoni Foundry’s headquarters are located in Bareggio, Milan, Italy, in a strategic area easily reachable from the most important cities in the region and in northern Italy. Our mould production department provides customized dies which are specifically designed for particular needs and therefore cannot be reused. Consequently, you can be sure that Gussoni Foundry’s moulds will not be reproduced by third parties. Moulds are designed according to the shape of the object which has to be produced but our engineers also design them thinking about the metal material they will contain. Studying these details we are able to produce long-lasting moulds which will not get damaged and will continue producing perfect objects in the future. The risk of having unspecialized companies produce your moulds is high: with the passing of time low quality moulds change their shape and therefore produce imprecise objects, which undermines the whole activity of your company. Our engineers will study your needs and work with you as in a team in order to give you the necessary technical support and design the most functional and lasting moulds. Our specialized personnel will manage zamak die casting processes.

    We specialize in molten metal production and die castings and we produce industrial aluminium dies by casting and quenching.

    In order to provide high quality aluminium dies it is necessary to carefully control all production phases, from the choice of the metal to the casting procedures and the quenching processes. Considering the importance that aluminium dies have in our country, it is clear that you must choose the right company to produce those products for you. Gussoni Foundry was established by artisans specializing in metal works and has invested in new technologies in order to gradually improve its know-how and machinery. Thanks to this efficiency-oriented organisation, Gussoni Foundry provides its customers with highly professional and flexible services. In particular, we have been improving aluminium casting techniques. Moreover, our wide range of machinery includes both aluminium and zamak die casting machines. Therefore we provide objects that are implemented in the automobile and motorcycle industries, but also in the production of household appliances, taps, fittings, doors, windows and shutters. Gussoni Foundry, located in Bareggio, Milan, Italy, doesn’t only deal with die castings but also with half-finished products in lighter alloys. In particular, our range of machinery includes shearers, sieving machines and sandblasters. Our products are designed to meet our customers’ needs and carefully following their projects or samples.