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    produzione stampi alluminio zama bareggio milano
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    Gussoni Fundry provides a wide range of products developed to meet all your needs.


    Alloy production

    In order to offer our customers all-round services, Gussoni Srl Foundry’s production processes include not only the usage of zamak and aluminium – which are commonly implemented in die casting processes – but also other alloys featuring better mechanical and anticorrosive characteristics.

    The range of alloys currently implemented includes:

    • Aluminium en/ab 46100
    • Aluminium en/ab 47100
    • Aluminium en/ab 44100
    • Aluminium GALSi 8,5
    • 328 Alloy
    • Zamak uni en 1774


    preventivo produzione stampi, pressofusi in alluminio e zama

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