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    fonderia gussoni bareggio milano
    produzione stampi alluminio zama bareggio milano
    produzione pressofusi alluminio zama bareggio milano
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    Gussoni Fundry provides a wide range of products developed to meet all your needs.


    fonderia gussoni Bareggio milano

    Gussoni Foundry was established in 1956 and therefore has over 50 years of experience in the production of zamak and aluminium die-casting products.

    Reliability and expertise are our main hallmarks. In 2004 our company was certified in compliance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 regulations and however we have always worked respecting all Quality Control System procedures and taking care of even the smallest details – from technical and mechanical

    features to aesthetical ones – with high quality standards in order to fully meet our customers’ needs.

    Our company provides our customers with all-round services: thanks to Gussoni Foundry’s in-house facilities and its highly specialized personnel we are able to develop die casting machines and equipment for other purposes fully respecting our customers’ requirements. We are also able to provide our die-casting products with any kind of mechanical feature and finishing. Gussoni Foundry’s machinery includes zamak and aluminium die casting machines able to support from 40 to 600 tons, shear presses, sieving machines and sandblasters.

    Thanks to a long experience, competitive prices, highly qualified personnel and high quality products Gussoni Foundry is a leading company at the forefront of this industry and has become a reference point for many companies operating in various sectors.


    preventivo produzione stampi, pressofusi in alluminio e zama

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